6 Hand Iced Vanilla Biscuits. Approx 2 x 2 ins widest points.  Iced and piped with different messages,sayings in Royal icing.

Presented on a paper pad, with your added message/greeting.

Wrapped in Wax paper, sealed with a wax seal, packed in the perfect sized, letter box friendly box and sealed with 100% Recycled plastic Tape.

The Biscuit is made of British Butter, fair trade sugars. Colours used are certified as Tartrazine free, Kosher, Gluten & nut free, Vegan. 

The biscuit will keep well for a month and should be kept in an air tight container. 


Suitable for Vegetarians

'Love Hearts' Royal Iced Biscuit Selection

  • 2x2ins approx at widest points.Vanilla Biscuits.

    Made using British Butter,Locally sourced Free Range Eggs.Colours used are certified as 'Gluten free, Nut free, Kosher, Vegan,Tartrazine free. non GM'Contain *Wheat flour *Egg * Colours which may cause adverse reaction to colour sensitive people.

    These have a shelf life of one month, stored in airtight container. Letter box friendly box, Large letter postal rates.

    Suitable for Vegetarians