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A wonderful Vanilla biscuit, Royal iced and placed on food safe paper pad, wrapped in wax paper, seal with a wax seal, finished with a greeting of your choice, packed in a perfect sized box, for your biscuit to be delivered in one piece! Delivered anywhere in mainlan UK.

Biscuit size approx 5.5ins tall and 4.5 ins at its wiidest point.

Have the name of your choice added .

Edible Card-Tattoo Heart-personalised

  • Vanilla Biscuits

    Made using British Butter, Locally sourced Free Range Eggs.

    Colours used are certified as 'Gluten free, Nut free, Kosher, Vegan,Tartrazine free. non GM'

    Contain *Wheat flour *Egg * Colours which may cause adverse reaction to colour sensitive people 

    These have a shelf life of one month, stored in airtight container

    Letter box friendly box, Large letter postal rates.

    Suitable for Vegetarians