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Free From

At The Jolliffe Cake Company, we take every step to not cause cross contamination of ingredients.

Having gained Personlised UK GF Training with Coeliac UK, which covers handling, producing and procedure of Gluten Free food, the principle is the same across all aspects of food, whether it is Vegetarian, Vegan, out of choice or Religion or Serious life threatening allergy, every detail is checked.

As this is a small business and although separate  utensils, mixers, tins are used and never baked at the same time as standard ingredients, the kitchen does use Wheat flour, Eggs, Nuts.

As a Vegetarian myself, everything made is suitable for Vegetarians, Marshmallows are Vegetarian and Vegan. Even the lardy cake, is Vegetarian

We therefore state, our items as 'Free From' so there is 'Free From Gluten' and 'Free From Dairy & Gluten'

Items are made free from Gluten containing ingredients and free from Dairy containing ingredients etc.

 Cupcakes, Bakes and Cakes, Biscuits, Cookies, Flapjacks & Brownies.

We make a wonderful Vegan Fruit cake, Christmas Cake, as well as Biscuits, Cookies, Cupcakes, Flapjacks,Brownies, Cakes & Bakes.

There is a separate section, in online ordering for 'Free From' available for Mail order, local free delivery*^ or collection.

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