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Iced Biscuits

Great for Wedding favours or Party bag gift, iced biscuits.

Perfectly iced, with Royal Icing , these biscuit can be designed for every possible occasion or event!

As every biscuit is hand iced and piped, there will be slight differences between each biscuit.

As usual top quality ingredients are used.

All colours used are certified Vegan, Gluten free, Kosher, Tartrazine free, nut free. All biscuits are suitable for Vegetarians

If you cant get to the person, to give as a gift, checkout the Mail order section.

A range of decorated biscuits, beautifully wrapped in wax paper, safely padded with food safe, paper padding, all in a purpose made box, which is letter box friendly and delivers,via Royal Mail as a large letter signed for.

Add your email below to be kept informed when new designs are added.

They make beautiful place settings 

for Wedding or other celebrations

And we love to see what people use them for.

Please contact us to discuss your needs

and add your email, below, to receive notification of new designs and offers

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